Fusion Plate: Shoulder-Strap Compatible QR Plate

The Fusion Plate is an Arca-Swiss style or Manfrotto RC2 quick release plate with a deployable attachment loop. The attachment loop allows photographers to switch their camera quickly from a tripod to a sling-style strap, such as those made by BlackRapid.

The FPG-1001. FPG-1002 and FPG-1003 Fusion Plates are compatible with Arca-Swiss style quick release platforms, such as those made by Really Right Stuff (RRS), Markins, Kirk, Wimberley and others. <br>
The FPG-2001 Fusion Plates are compatible with Manfrotto RC2 / 200PL style tripod mounts.

Fusion Plate Status Update

Fusion plates are in production! With the success of the Kickstater campaign we are in full production of the Fusion Plate. Our time lines look good for ontime delivery. We are producing plenty of plates to fulfill our Kickstarter backers as well provide stock to sell here on www.FPGear.com We will be notifying all interested…